An Open Letter To All Major Supermarkets And Grocery Stores

Error - Item not found

Payday! Another fine day to run errands, buy goodies and other stuff. I was very eager to efficiently roam the supermarket and gather all the items on my list to finish as early as possible like it was some sort of a time pressured game. Then, there I was, all lined up, waiting patiently just like all the other customers. After a few dragging minutes, finally, its my turn! As the cashier monotonously scan the goodies in my basket, suddenly her face becomes rather curious and puzzled. She gently tries to re-scan the current item on hand as if something was wrong. After a few more unsuccessful attempts, she then calls out for help and reaches to the nearest staff to request for a new product of the same item. As for me, I simply thought its just a bar code scan failure. Things like that commonly happen, so, its ok, manageable and understandable. The staff then comes back with the new product, gives it to the cashier to scan again but still unable to process the item. Cautiously, the other customers behind me notice the situation and builds up more curiosity pulling me to a certain awkward moment. The cashier then declares and tells me with a hint of insincerity that the product I’d like to purchase reflects to their system that it was “Item Not Found”.

“Item Not Found”

Without telling me directly, it simply implies that I cannot purchase that product because it is not yet in their system though the said product is attractively being advertised inside their premises. Therefore, what the hell?! Is it my fault or the other customers? Do we have to suffer such wasted time just to hear the line “Sorry, you might want to choose another product”? Needless to say, we go and buy goods to such big supermarkets to enjoy several perks. 

Now, I’d like you to imagine a full scale supermarket with tons of different products all around. Then, you’d get to pick one random item that would pop up as “Item Not Found” in their system while paying. What would you feel? Are just lucky or what?!


So, I am trying to write this to ask some questions and hoping to suggest some fun solutions.

I’d like to ask:

– Is it difficult to input items on the system?

– How long does it take for the system to recognize the new product inputs?

– Do they even check if everything is actually ready for selling?

– How often do they update the product list and codes?


Then I’d like to suggest:

– If a customer picks up a product with the “Item Not Found” status, that customer should be awarded with that product for free or;

– The supermarket could give a lucky certificate containing some GC’s to win the customer’s satisfaction and guarantee a repeat transaction or;

– The supermarket or establishment could just simply polish their system so that we, the customers would not experience such troubles and continue to be loyal with them. Is it that difficult?


How about you? Have you experienced this too?

Do you have any suggestions or questions? 

Feel free to comment! 😀

*At your service! YES! (echoes in the background)