There’s More To Life From Death Penalty

Philippine Death Penalty: Go or No?

Recently, the number of Filipino netizens hoping to bring back the Death Penalty in the country have been increasing. With the recent widespread of various crimes thanks to the help of the ever reliable CCTV footage plus the viral clicks from different social media, a lot of people can become easily aware of the unsettling reality within the state.

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And so, the question arises; should we implement the Death Penalty again?


I believe YES.


Such penalty may greatly influence the crime status within the nation. I think it could still play a major psychological factor to the person whose about to commit a crime unless that person is already crazy or wiling enough to end their life with the help of the law.


Most countries who implement Death Penalty have a higher stature in terms of discipline and development. Yes, they are not perfect but they can surely uphold the law accordingly. Unfortunately, our country is very much tied up with crappy religious beliefs in addition to greedy politicians whose only ambition is to achieve complete power and become pure narcissists. All they do is talk and talk and organize tax paid meetings, forums and public conferences for what?!


Even dear Filipino mouths utter words such as; “Kaya hindi tayo umunlad e!”, “Wala na talagang pag-asa ang Pilipinas!”, “Ano bang pakulo na naman yan?”, “Nagpapaganda/Nagpapapogi na naman yang Epal na yan dahil malapit na Eleksyon!”, “Akala mo kung sinong banal!” and “Banal na aso, santong kabayo”. This is a problem that has already grown deep in our own system. We ourselves have been poisoning our minds with negativity yet expecting positive results to arise.


We need change. We all know that. We all say that. But that’s how far we go. We only blabber and blame other people. That’s what we do best for the past decades while criminals have greatly improved on their schemes and tactics.

Each life is important, yes. But what about the life taken brutally? What about the women who experienced rape? What about other heinous crimes? Does the government together with religious orders only plan to pile them up inside space constricted cages only to support life? Then make a public report about the unfortunate welfare of the prisoners having experienced sickness, hunger and other severe health conditions.


Also common are those big time sharks who were convicted yet have enough power and glorious money to easily go out and do whatever hell they want. They should be the first to line up and be executed.


I wish for humane executions but I also wish for it to be public. Not to enforce terror but to show that we know how to implement actions, to set examples. Mano y Mano.


Oh well, this is just my opinion. How about you?



Here is a helpful article about the history of Death Penalty in the Philippines. You might want to read on it too. Credits to the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCJI).

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